Top 5 Linux Distro for Ethical Hacking & Pentesting.


1. Parrot Security OS

Developed by the team of Frozenbox, Debian-based Parrot Security OS is a cloud-friendly Linux distribution that is specifically designed for pen testing, ethical hacking, cryptography, forensics and so on.

Parrot Security OS is lightweight and comes with myriad legally recognized tools that gives users the opportunity to surf and work anonymously.If you are not aware, this OS is a combination of Kali Linux and Frozenbox OS. It comes with MATE desktop environment.This OS has a powerful interface that is derived from Gnome 2. It is highly customizable and has a strong community support.

2. Kali Linux

Kali Linux tops the list of best operating systems for the purpose of hacking.

Developed by Offensive Security, this operating system was first released on 5th February, 2006. It is a completion of BackTrack Linux Project.

This Debian-based operating system comes with more than 600 preinstalled pen testing tools, which makes the security toolbox richer. These tools are versatile, updated regularly and available for various platforms like, VMware and ARM.

3. BackBox

BackBox Linux is an operating system that is based on Ubuntu and its focus is on penetration testing and security assessment.

It comes with a broad range of security analysis tools that help in network analysis, web application analysis and so on. This easy-to-use and fast Linux distro is a favorite of hackers as it comes with a complete desktop environment.

4. BlackArch Linux

When it comes to penetration testing and ethical hacking, BlackArch Linux is another powerful OS.This OS is based on Arch Linux and designed for professional hackers and comes with 1400 tools.

5. Pentoo

Pentoo is an OS based on Gentoo Linux.It is a pen testing OS and available as a 32 and 64-bit installable Live CD.This OS can even be used on top of an existing Gentoo Linux installation.As this distro offers persistence support, users are able to save changes before they run off a USB stick.This OS is equipped with a wide range of tools like, Cracker, Exploit, Scanner and Database.

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