Getting Started with Kali Linux

Installing Kali Linux

Download Kali Linux iso

Download Vmware virtual box

Installing Kali Linux in Vmware virtual box

Starting Kali Linux

Updating Kali Linux

  • Start the terminal by:
  • Holding the cltr+alt+T buttons simultaneously or
  • Using the GUI (Graphical User Interface), go to the applications section and double click on the terminal option.
$ apt-get update && upgrade -y

Major commands

  1. Changing password
$ passwd
  1. Present working directory
$ pwd
  1. Listing directories
$ ls
  1. Listing hidden files
$ ls -la
  1. Changing directory
$ cd Downloads
$ cd ..
  1. Accessing the internet browser
$ firefox
  1. Creating a directory
$ mkdir New
$ rmdir New
  1. Adding a text into a file
$ echo 'Hello World' > new.txt
  1. Locate a file
$ locate new.txt
  1. Display content of a file
$ cat renamefile.txt
  1. Find your IP
$ sudo ifconfig

Major tools

  1. Information gathering and vulnerability analysis
  • Nmap
$ nmap
  1. Password attacks
  • John the Ripper
  1. Reverse Engineering
  • NASM tool
  1. Exploitation
  • Metasploit Framework
$ msfconsole
  1. Sniffing and Spoofing
  • Wireshark
  1. Post Exploitation
  • Powerploit


  • Install Kali Linux in a Virtual Box.
  • Update Kali Linux to the latest version and running some major commands.
  • and some of the major tools used in Kali Linux.




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