Getting Started with Kali Linux

Installing Kali Linux

For beginners, it may seem complex having Kali Linux as your main operating system since you will mostly be running commands on a terminal rather than using the Graphical User Interface (GUI).

Download Kali Linux iso

Prior to installing the VMware you have to download the Kali Linux iso.

Download Vmware virtual box

After successfully downloading the Kali Linux iso, you can now download the VMware virtual box using the link below:

Installing Kali Linux in Vmware virtual box

You now have all the requirements to successfully set up Kali Linux inside the VMware virtual box.

Starting Kali Linux

In your virtual box, select the Kali Linux option and click the play button to start your Kali Linux.

Updating Kali Linux

It is recommended to frequently update your Kali Linux and its tools to the latest versions to keep it up to date.

  • Holding the cltr+alt+T buttons simultaneously or
  • Using the GUI (Graphical User Interface), go to the applications section and double click on the terminal option.
$ apt-get update && upgrade -y

Major commands

To be able to efficiently operate on Kali Linux, you should be able to run some major commands.

$ passwd
$ pwd
$ ls
$ ls -la
$ cd Downloads
$ cd ..
$ firefox
$ mkdir New
$ rmdir New
$ echo 'Hello World' > new.txt
$ locate new.txt
$ cat renamefile.txt
$ sudo ifconfig

Major tools

Kali Linux provides a wide range of security auditing tools but for this tutorial, we will discuss some of the commonly used tools.

$ nmap
$ msfconsole


In this article, we have go over how to:

  • Update Kali Linux to the latest version and running some major commands.
  • and some of the major tools used in Kali Linux.


From this article, we have learned that to comfortably use Kali Linux, you don’t need to know how to use all the tools. You just need to know how to use some major tools and run major commands from the terminal.



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