fstScan — Massive Vulnerability scanner.

fstScan is a fastest tool to scan an entire website.

Main Features

  • Full Network Scaning.
  • Crawl every URL and check for SQL,XSS,CSRF, SSRF etc vulnerabilities.
  • Crawling all links on a website
  • subdomain enumeration.
  • Server Scanning.
  • Multiprocessing



git clone https://github.com/thenurhabib/fstscan.git
cd fstscan
sudo chmod +x install.sh
sudo ./install.sh


python3 fstscan.py


Name       : Md. Nur habib
Medium : thenurhabib.medium.com
Twitter : https://twitter.com/thenurhab1b
HackerRank : https://www.hackerrank.com/thenurhabib

Thank You.



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